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Beautiful Machine Poem

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by Zone

In the Name of Allah

The deadline has passed.

In this fragmenting world,
The guardians of ignorance,
Scour the burnt and bloodied earth,
For a foothold of reason,
In amongst this whirlwind madness of destruction.

Nature now mirrors the soul,
A scavenger of love,
Abandoned in a world poisoned by neglect,
And the waste of indifference.

All exits are closed.

It lies with the Individual.
The restoration of Unity and Balance,
Through Love.
The supreme and only goal.

The pursuit of Oneness,
Will unlock the power and magnificence,
That is the Earth,
And the Beauty and Knowledge of God,
That is the Self.

For without Love,
There can only continue,
The suicidal separation,
From our planet host,
This Beautiful Machine.

In the Name of Allah


'Beautiful Machine' poem was composed specifically for and accompanied the exhibition
'I For A World Where Things Are Alive!'
held at the London Ecology Centre, Covent Garden, London,
between 25th - 29th September 1990.


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