Other Lives

lyrics by Jeremy S.Gluck

Other light
Wide awake in the dead of night
My mind is bright
Blackness bright and so deep
As deep as sleep
I am waiting for
And not only sleep
Not only oblivion and relief
Only you on my mind
You, my only sense of time
I keep time or time keeps me
I donít know anymore because I am free
And this freedom is like the hundred years
Expended in life and then ended
One life
One light
You are not the person I thought I was
I write this down just because
It draws you close in embrace
And when at last I see your face
And all is explained
I will find other lives in my burning mind
Other lives strung out across time
Like the worlds across this Universe
That I AM and traverse
In shoes of pure and burning light
In a childís delight

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