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'Terra Serpentes' CD artwork

WSDCD 016) ‘Terra Serpentes’ World Serpent Distribution A U.K. CD compilation released in 1997. The Zone contribution for this compilation was the previously unreleased track

The Scavenging Soul (4:50) | Play track

‘Terra Serpentes’ also included contributions from:-

Martyn Bates
Chris and Cosey
Current 93
Bryin Dall
Roger Doyle
Elijah’s Mantle
In Gowan Ring
Lemon Kittens
Loretta’s Doll
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud
Nature And Organisation
Neither/Neither World
Nurse With Wound
Boyd Rice
Scorpion Wind
Shock Head Peters
Sol Invictus
Somewhere In Europe
Strength Through Joy
Tiny Tim, The Eternal Troubadour

'Realidade Virtual' LP artwork

(FF001) ‘Realidade Virtual’ Fast Forward Recordings. A Portuguese 12″ LP compilation released in 1991. The Zone contribution for this compilation was the previously unreleased track

Adremin (4:46) | Play track

‘Realidade Virtual’ also included contributions from:-

Somewhere In Europe
Strafe Für Rebellion
Popper W2
Margaret Freeman
Hesskhé Yadalanah
Miguel A.Ruiz
Rafael Toral
God Speed My Aeroplane
Nuno Rebelo
Adolfo Luxúria Canibal & Humpty Dumpty
Matrix Run

'Death Of Vinyl' CD artwork

(DOVE CD22) ‘Death Of Vinyl’ DOVentertainment Inc. A Canadian CD compilation released in January 1991. The Zone contribution for this compilation was a shortened, re-mixed version of the title track from ‘Born Of Fire’.

Born Of Fire (Canadian Mix) (5:06) | Play track | Video

‘Death of Vinyl’ also included contributions from:-

Nubile G & The Spurious Whiz
Alfred 23 Harth & Collectionism
Zoviet France
Steinsky & Mass Media
Producers for Bob
Dante (Dante Krysto)
John Oswald
The Tape-beatles
Hesskhé Yadalanah
Luciano Dari
Digital Poodle
David Scurr

'Nemesis No.3' Cassette artwork

NEMESIS No.3. An Italian compilation cassette magazine (A5 size) released in the winter of 1988. Zone’s contribution to this release consisted of two previously unreleased tracks:

The Rhythm Of Flames (2:06)
My Lord Of Hosts (5:12) |
Play tracks

The magazine itself contained one graphic, also called ‘My Lord of Hosts’ and one page of text by Zone. This text consisted of a poem, segments of which was later used in ‘Beautiful Machine’. ‘Nemesis 3’ also included musical contributions from:-

0 Yuki Conjugate
Los Espejos Velados
Nature And Organisation



The Scavenging Soul (4:50)
Adremin (4:46)
Born Of Fire (Canadian Mix) (5:06) | Video
The Rhythm Of Flames (2:06)
My Lord Of Hosts (5:12)

Photographed By Lightning

Photographed By Lightning


Photographed By Lightning - Live at Townhill Tech - 1987

‘Live at Townhill Tech (Part 1)’ by Photographed By Lightning

On 23rd June 1987 Photographed By Lightning played their last ever live gig with Chris and Andrew as members, at the ‘Townhill Technical College’ in Swansea. The event comprised of two halves, with PBL, for the first half of the set, providing the soundtrack to a visual display of slides and dance, produced and co-ordinated by the media artist Peter Mason. The whole of this event was recorded on a Revox B77, direct off the mixing desk, as well as being videoed. Not only was the sound quality good, but the first half of this set was probably the best example of PBL live and certainly a long term favourite of both Chris & Andrew. For personal archive purposes Andrew digitally mastered the ‘Live at Townhill Tech (Part 1)’ recordings during August 2005. The results of which can be stream listened and watched, in its entirety, by clicking on the links below:

Live at Townhill Tech (Part 1) (26:43) | Play track | Video

Dave Mitchell – Keyboards
Chris Brandrick – Keyboards
Andrew Cadmore – Guitar
Roland Ellis – Saxophone
Griff – Percussion
Hywel James (Captain H) – Bass

(FRIGHT 008) ‘Sleeps Terminator’ c/w ‘Winter Trees’ by Photographed By Lightning on Fierce Recordings.

Sleeps Terminator (4:58)
Winter Trees (4:00)
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Chris and Andrew first met in 1982 as members of the Swansea based, multimedia group, ‘Photographed By Lightning’. During the period of their involvement in Photographed By Lightning (1982 – 1987) the group recorded extensively, however this 7inch single was the only official release. This record was released in 1986, in an undisclosed limited edition. A very rare find indeed.

An insert, with the following text, accompanied this single.

"An asphalt idol beckons with smoke fingers across a skeletal motorway draped in ancestral memories, hordes of people like lemmings drop what they're doing in response to an atavistic pulse, circadian rhythms, dressing in exotic plumage, they murder the old people and leave their corpses along the roadside, wrapped in newspaper.
The full moon rises on the motorway where ancient dramas are now re-enacted to the voodoo pulse . Spluttering guitars, static bursts, manic drums;- The motorway becomes a central nervous system which dances. Blood and roses. A photograph taken by lightning flash."

Errol Undercliffe.

Photgraphed By Lightning - 1982

‘Neither Wings Nor Stones’ by Photographed By Lightning

During 1984-85, as members of Photographed By Lightning, Chris & Andrew were involved in the recording of PBL’s album ‘Neither Wings Nor Stones’. For various reasons, mainly lack of cash, ‘Neither Wing Nor Stones’ was never released. However, this particular recording was always a favourite of that era for both Chris & Andrew. The sound quality of this recording was quite reasonable for a 4-track tape Porta-studio, though cannot be compared to a professional recording. For personal archive purposes Andrew digitally mastered ‘Neither Wings Nor Stones’ during August 2005. The results of which can be stream listened, in their entirety, by clicking link below:

Lucifer Rising/The Kids Are In School (4:08)
Winter Trees (3:59)
The Eye Of God In Paradise (1:35)
Sleeps Terminator (4:56)
Marakesh (3:45)
Dog Days (6:07)
Doctor Beat (2:31)
Triamazikamno (2:30)
In Der Hölle (3:47)
Mandala (2:19)
Negro Teeth Speak (2:05)
In Hyparxis (3:06)
Magnetic Fields (3:15)
Hydrogen 12 (4:43)
Last Words (0:42)
Play tracks

Dave Mitchell
Chris Brandrick
Andrew Cadmore
Gareth Hughes (E-Bow guitar on ‘In Der Hölle’)
Richard Roberts (Vocals on ‘In Der Hölle’)



Live at Townhill Tech (Part 1) (26:43) | Video
Lucifer Rising/The Kids Are In School (4:08)
Winter Trees (3:59)
The Eye Of God In Paradise (1:35)
Sleeps Terminator (4:56)
Marakesh (3:45)
Dog Days (6:07)
Doctor Beat (2:31)
Triamazikamno (2:30)
In Der Hölle (3:47)
Mandala (2:19)
Negro Teeth Speak (2:05)
In Hyparxis (3:06)
Magnetic Fields (3:15)
Hydrogen 12 (4:43)
Last Words (0:42)