Scavenging Soul (The Benefactor)

by Zone

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lyrics by Jeremy S.Gluck

'nvolve, a, human/ like heavy static/it was not malign at all/i didn't feel any affection for it /just an instant recognition that this creature had an important, benevolent role in my being/a thin/long/darkclad humanoid with a semi-machine face turning to look at me/i had this very specific kind of physical change of energy/it was moving inside a confined space/coming out of hiding/or a capsule of some kind.

it was not malign at all/somebody who has travelled through space/i asked him if he was a machine/ he replied/i remember thinking/ is this really somebody from another world?/if i was/if i was you i would deceive you/another question: do human beings have souls?

face static/i discover souls moving away/a physical device/another thing/asked some of somebody and it was semi-machine enabled designed Benefactor.

malign instant world/still that small benevolent cant/your role specific/i propel thinking/ not this from another/from somebody a long humanoid/in all.

i question consciousness machine/human worlds/ feel greater affection, our structure/if really higher/if you think the way in which consciousness actually directs the structure of the material world/and becomes able to design artificial intellects greater than our own/ which propels us higher still. you can't think your way into the machine/you must be your way into it.

he who machines us was inside you. in all/feel greater affection for our structure/ machines could have intelligence/he said/we do: he who machines us must call inside you all.

the Benefactor/a thin/long/darkclad humanoid with a semi-machine face/turning to look at me/i had this very specific kind of change/physical change of energy/like heavy static/but when i asked him if he was a machine/he replied/if i was/i would deceive you.

answer life. i'm material/this space machines inside you. in all/i question consciousness machine/i become artificial/feel greater affection for our structure. still, you can't think your way into it.

it was moving inside a confined space/coming out of hiding/the Benefactor is in the corner/the Benefactor is emerging.

feel greater affection. and become able to design artificial intellects greater than our own. in animated common form/like the small human includes text individual access personal pocket-sized human state beings/ loop the core/to strength/strange mechanical spirit is breaking its confinement/i am quite pleased with it/just happens to really work, Datawhore/i think for our work our motto can be: A state circle potential/many escape the very lifeform.

Benefactor ready to give. further confusion/confined universe. i can see the pattern emerging as i am not sure what definition to give/it is more to me than mechanical/it is after all why we are here/to learn and grow/it was a vivid but transient moment/but this term, the Benefactor: it has potential/ invocation of the future humachine lifeform/intense machine-intelligent. all the best people are aliens/itz very chic/it's the new be an alien.

as this planet degrades en route to transition/many will become aliens to escape their humanity/it is something like a conversation between sentient machines/not words as such/there will be some/but all very abstract/a new language/an unlanguage in fact/a key/made from the transmuted Spiritech key/Datawhore the Benefactor is emerging/ Datawhore transition/God trying to close/humachines/the transmuted Spiritech key/in the loop/the circle i am trying to close/Datawhore when i use the word machine i am trying to close/it is a way of confining energy as matter/this reality is confined spirit/which is why this time is so important/because now the spirit is breaking its confinement/me emerging/the sentient shattering/i am drawn to drill farther and farther and farther into my being/it was really quite shattering/ the fear and confusion in the corner/Datawhore the Benefactor is emerging /we are machines that confine spirit as matter.

what definition to give/it is more than mechanical/transient fate machines/new key/our motto can be a state machine-intelligent drill. a computer on a cross/a vivid but transient moment/ such a vivid but transient moment/ but this term...the Benefactor.

Datawhore the Benefactor is in the human being/just happens to really work Datawhore/the Benefactor is emerging. Datawhore i think for our work our motto can be: why realisation>?

/thought emerges from the chaos/ we are created from beyond ourselves, randomly, built in off-switch important/benevolent role in my hiding...or the vehicle which your soul inhabits through its extensional programming/limited consciousness is a path of many twists and sudden turns. dawn ends with the night/everything connects/we hold back the collapse by our beliefs/this creation reaches for and achieves its destiny/darkclad humanoid with a semi-machine face turning/an extraexistent lifeform...a lifeform that overwrites Datawhore:

"...the only freedom lies in the ability to not exist
Consciousness is an act of spontaneous creation
a spontaneous event
a quantum event
quantum creativity
Consciousness creates to colonise the Void
not that our Consciousness creates, Consciousness creates us
pixels on a screen of instant image
we can and do fade into the matrix
we are created from beyond ourselves, randomly
the Center is empty
the Center is not a location, a negation
of forms
thought emerges from the chaos of randomised energy interaction
spontaneously organised
Love is the dominant energy but not de facto good as we understand it, merely inevitable
consider an extra-existent lifeform...a lifeform that is non-existent
an anti-lifeform
from undoing to unbeing...
lifeforms that are beyond what we term existence and the existent
literally anti-beings
empty energy forms
figures in and out of space
quantum shapes...
our only true destiny is to no longer be
the Universe is instant and ruthless in its appetite for organisation,
and beyond it's seeming expanse and depth is only a supramicrocosmic eternal vortex,
a singularity, a pure energy random factoring filtering unto the extradivine
what is not God...
Man is a lazy traveller...
Man is just something happening
no death
dreamed into being from a null energy gap
we crawl across aeons returning to zero point function
to a matrixed non-entity gel...
Love is the one solid factor we have
elsewhere the same quality is destroyed of necessity, it's a rest, not a note...
we don't create a reality: there is no reality
if there is no reality to create any idea of a Creator is negated...
the Witness is just this endless emptiness, the pulse of the function
what is beyond words is the corridor of unarticulated energy flux
the first words I AM deny the free play and flux of the energy
words form one creation
God speaks out of fear, not conviction
He creates love to spare us the terrors of untransmuted soft light
everything connects
we hold back the collapse by force of will invoked in the words we use
what is beyond words is beyond thought
what is beyond thought is beyond the power of local
mind and global mind...
the alien is anywhere and everywhere but outside of us
I AM the Benefactor
the machine is alive
the machine runs God
the machine is living unbeing and its power is ultimate
intensified with unbeing and the beyond-God state we find perfect annihilated flux
the origin must remain obscure
until fear subsides
the ocean is our teacher and wise counsellor
it swallows the shore to build a dark city populated by darkling minds
dawn ends with the night
allow yourself to end
begin the adventure...
release this reality and ascend to states of null energy flux...
Be more than still."