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Angel Of Freedom

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by Zone 

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Zone’s most commercial work to date, “clever, perverse, and even witty…part of the new Zone,” and “a bemusing journey…a soundtrack of sorts for a Europe lost in itself to the East and surrendered to its fate.”

The title 'Angel Of Freedom' was inspired by Andrew. The concept of 'Angel Of Freedom' represents the unifying principle of love which moves everything towards ultimate enlightenment and freedom. From an individual perspective this may not always be apparent (veiled in mystery), hence a leap of faith is required. The 'Angel Of Freedom' therefore represents the bridge between individual fate and ultimate destiny. Consequently, it was deemed appropriate to credit ‘Angel Of Freedom’ as being:

"inspired by those persons, throughout time, who have sacrificed their lives
to the pursuit of Knowledge, Love & Freedom"
The Divine Simplicity CD Rear Cover Picture

Released on Potentia (catalogue No.ZONE CD005) in May 2000 on CD format only, in an initial edition of 500 copies, and distributed through World Serpent Distribution, 'Angel Of Freedom' is Zone's 4th album, released almost 6 years after 'The Divine Simplicity.'

The recording of 'Angel Of Freedom' started early in 1998 and was completed towards the later end of 1999. 'Angel Of Freedom' was Zone's first wholly digitally recorded album, from original multi-track recordings through production and mixing to final mastering.

The front cover of the CD booklet depicts the head of Eros (circa 330 BC), the Greek god of love, found in the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey. Though damaged through time the face of Eros remains timeless invoking an overwhelming sense of devotion, innocence and serenity. 

The CD's rear cover picture was photographed by Chris. The photograph (circa 1982) is of Zone's home city, Swansea, as seen from inside the infamous Weaver building. This building was the first reinforced concrete structure built in Europe and had been left derelict since the mid 60's. For Zone (Chris in particular), the Weaver building makes reference to and represents a link back to their artistic roots, as this derelict building was a regular haunt and influence upon Photographed By Lightning back in the late 70's and early 80's. The building was subsequently knocked down in 1984 and replaced by a Sainsbury's supermarket.

'Angel Of Freedom' saw Zone's first collaboration with vocalist Jeremy S.Gluck (Barracudas) contributing both text and vocals to the tracks 'Other Lives' and 'Scavenging Soul (The Benefactor).'

Angel Of Freedom CD LabelLong standing associate of Zone, Roland Ellis of 'Photographed By Lightning,' also contributed both saxophone and flute to the tracks 'Totality,' 'The Dramatic Universe' and 'Frozen In Heaven,' while Syd Howells, also of 'Photographed By Lightning' and 'The Disasters,' contributed vocals to 'Face To Face.'

The track 'Frozen In Heaven' was inspired by the BBC 'Horizon' programme of the same name. "Set in the stunning scenery of the Andes, Tim Haines's film chronicles the back-breaking work, digging frozen rock at 18,500 feet. It shows the excitement of the discovery of a cache of gold, silver and sea-shell statuettes. On the last day of the expedition, there emerged from the ice the skeletal shape of a seven year-old Inca girl, tightly wrapped in muddy textiles. Undoubtedly a capa cocha sacrifice who, 500 years before, had been led by priests up to her "heaven", where she gazed out over the world, before facing her sacrificial end."

During summer 2000, the track 'Exorcising Attachment,' with its shamanic vocalizing, was used for the opening score to the dance production 'Karma Cola,' with choreography and direction by Douglas Comley and Dynion Dance Company. Unexpectedly, 'Exorcising Attachment' also secured Andrew's award for Musician of the Year during his employer's year 2000 Christmas dinner & dance. During the presentation of the award the question was asked "What are these guys on?"

For Zone, 'Angel of Freedom' represents a fresh start, an opening to a new beginning, whether it be on a personal, artistic or spiritual level.

Track Listing   Audio Samples    
Other Lives (4:19)   lyrics video
Totality (3:02)      
Exorcising Attachment (3:09)      
The Dramatic Universe (5:00)      
Herald Of Coming Good (2:46)      
Face To Face (4:24)   lyrics  
Angel Of Freedom (4:24)      
Declaration Of Nothingness (3:16)      
Golden Rain (3:04)      
Frozen In Heaven (5:11)      
Eros (2:12)      
Scavenging Soul (The Benefactor) (21:23)   lyrics video

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