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Zone on YouTube and Vimeo April 2010 - Check out the music of Zone, playing to video, on YouTube and Vimeo. All videos have also be added to this web site, click here to see.
Article with
Croatian on-line
DOP Magazine
November 2005 - Sol Ist has just completed an excellent article about Zone for the Croatian on-line magazine 'DOP Magazine'. The article covers the history of Zone's musical work to date. Check out article on-line at DOP Magazine. Thanks Sol.
'Freely' Stream Listen to Photographed By Lightning's (pre-Zone) Music

October 2005 - Chris and Andrew first met in 1982 as members of the Swansea based, multimedia group, 'Photographed By Lightning'. During August 2005 Andrew digitally mastered PBL's album 'Neither Wings Nor Stones' (circa 1984-85) and PBL 'Live at Townhill Tech (Part 1)' (23rd June 1987). Neither recording has previously been made available. You can now listen to these newly mastered recordings of PBL. Listen to PBL's music. The sound quality of PBL's streamed music is good (stereo, 22.05kHz, 64kbps) though clearly not quite comparable to a CD. Neither of these recordings is currently available in any other format, only for stream listening direct from this web site.

Interview with Electric Diary September 2005 - Zone have just completed and interview with Thomas Tröger for the German web based magazine 'Electric Diary'. In this interview Zone mainly discuss the production of Zone's latest CD 'Alien Nature'. Check out Zone's interview on-line at Electric Diary. Thanks Thomas.
Alien Nature June 2005 - At long last Zone's newest and 5th album 'Alien Nature' has been released on Potentia, catalogue No.ZONE CD006. 'Alien Nature' is currently available in CD format only and can be directly purchased from Potentia's On-Line Store. Why not stream 'Alien Nature' tracks on-line?
iTunes November 2004 - Managed through Potentia's worldwide digital distribution deal with The Orchard, each of the tracks from Zone's first 4 albums, 'Sword Of The Sun', 'Born Of Fire', 'The Divine Simplicity' and 'Angel Of Freedom' are now available for purchase and digital download, direct from Apple's iTunes Music Store, both in North America and throughout Europe.
CD Baby October 2004 - Potentia have entered into a internet CD distribution deal with the highly acclaimed independent artist, internet music store, CD Baby, based out of Portland, USA. This deal currently covers the three Zone CD titles 'Born of Fire', 'The Divine Simplicity' and 'Angel Of Freedom'. The deal is intended to makes Zone's music more easily available in North America. Check-out CD Baby and search on Zone. Discount rates for multiple purchases.
The Orchard September 2004 - Potentia have entered into a worldwide digital distribution deal with the worlds largest independent artist, digital music distributor, The Orchard, based out of New York, USA, making Zone's complete back-catalogue of recorded tracks available for individual purchase, as digital download files, from various internet music download sites. Visit The Orchard to check-out the full list of internet music download sites.
Potentia On-Line Store September 2004 - Overcoming the mysteries of HTML and Java Script, Potentia have introduced their On-Line Store for purchasing the Works of Zone. Secure payment transactions will be in UK Pounds Sterling, through the internationally recognised and secure on-line 3rd party payment company PayPal, accepting most of the commonly used credit and debit cards. Potentia have dug deep into their archive and found a few goodies, now for sale from Potentia's On-Line Store.
World Serpent Distribution August 2004 - Very sad to say that World Serpent Distribution have stopped trading and are winding up their business. Zone's distribution has been with the guys at World Serpent since before their inception, back in the days of "Vinyl Experience" (1989) and "People Who Can't Distribution" (1990). The 3 director's of World Serpent, Alan, David (Gibby) & Alison have always supported Zone, regardless of our lack of sales and self promotion. Potentia & Zone would like to thank Alan, Gibby & Alison for their efforts over the years, and wish them all the very best for the future. Potentia are reviewing their options for future distribution, in this age of digital downloading and the general downturn in the CD market. More news will be posted when available.
Faircopy.com July 2004 - Potentia have taken the decision to make Zone's complete back-catalogue of recorded tracks available for individual purchase an digital download, from the internet. Please visit faircopy.com to both preview and purchase Zone's music.
Alien Nature June 2004 - Zone are currently completing their 5th album, entitled 'Alien Nature'. More news will be posted when available.
Angel Of Freedom June 2000 - At long last Zone's 4th album 'Angel Of Freedom' was released on 29th May 2000. 'Angel Of Freedom', released on Potentia (catalogue No.ZONE CD005), is being distributed through World Serpent Distribution.

The album is approximately 60 minutes in length and consists of 12 tracks, of widely varying styles and sounds. The album features contributions by many associates, namely:-

  • Jeremy S.Gluck (ex Barracudas) director of Spiritech Virtual Foundation and Data Whorehouse. Jeremy both sings on one track and reads spoken text on another. Beware, "The Benefactor" is coming.
  • Roland Ellis of Photographed By Lightning, contributing a truly wild Saxophone on one track and an exquisite Flute on two other tracks.
  • Syd Howells, also of Photographed By Lightning, singing heroic vocals on one track
  • Andrew Griffiths, of Superczar, singing backing vocals on one track.

Many thanks for everyone who has assisted us in realising this project.

Potentia/Zone Web Site January 1999 - Well here it is! Work towards this Web site started during November 1998, peaking around Christmas & New Year, finally being launched in early January 1999. We see this Web site as having several primary functions, namely:-
  • Zone's central platform for communication
  • A complete and detailed living record of Zone's activities
  • An extensive living bibliography of Zone's sources of inspiration and influence
  • Potentia's primary source for offering, or linking to, a Mail Order service

Both the construction and the ongoing maintenance of this Web site has been and will be undertaken by Zone. As such we anticipate regular updates and improvements whenever appropriate.

Certainly, should anyone be aware of any Articles or Reviews, whether good, bad or indifferent, of Zone Works, not already mentioned in this Web site, we would greatly appreciate receiving a copy of the relevant Article/Review for possible inclusion in this Web site. Please send your findings to:-

12 Martell Street, Fforestfach, Swansea, SA5 8HX, United Kingdom

or e-mail  webmaster@potentia-zone.com

A good find will result in an exclusive Zone freebie.


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